U.S. Refrigeration Technology Names EcoCOOL2 as Official Management Company to Service EcoCOOL® Distributor Network

EcoCOOL2 to Perform as Global Sales, Marketing and Management Arm for the Production and Distribution of EcoCOOL® Product

PLANO, TX. –U.S. Refrigeration Technologies, LLC (USRT), of Plano, Texas, is pleased to announce the selection of EcoCOOL2 , LLC, as the dedicated marketing and management organization responsible for the sales, distribution and brand oversight of EcoCOOL®, worldwide. EcoCOOL2 will handle distribution to USRT’s current network of distributors.

USRT Managing Partner and EcoCOOL® inventor, David R. Pickett, has sought transitional assistance in the management of the EcoCOOL® brand and distribution as he moves into retirement to spend more time with family, with a special emphasis on his grandchildren, while also serving on a selection of missions boards. EcoCOOL2, LLC, will continue providing product sales and support previously provided by USRT. David will continue to actively provide technical and distributor support via EcoCOOL2 and all related inquiries should be communicated directly through EcoCOOL2.

“I am retiring to spend more time with family and enjoy my grandchildren. In addition, I will continue dedicating efforts to missions work. I have selected EcoCOOL2, LLC, to manage the EcoCOOL® product through USRT’s current global network of distributors. Our distributors will purchase EcoCOOL® from EcoCOOL2, LLC, at their current agreement price, and terms, excepting it is now FOB Tampa, Florida,” explains David. “EcoCOOL2 will oversee and uphold the ‘exclusivity by customer’ list utilizing the existing Excel template format. I will continue providing technical, technical sales and installation support via EcoCOOL2. Please communicate directly with EcoCOOL2 for all such inquiries at info@EcoCOOL2.com.”

EcoCOOL2 will begin operation on July 7, 2014 under the direction of Chief Executive Officer, Peter Lewis and new project teams overseeing sales, training and development, marketing and installation while also contributing to company-wide operational efficiency gains.

According to EcoCOOL2 CEO, Peter Lewis, “We are honored to be chosen as the dedicated management, distribution and services arm of EcoCOOL®. Having previously been entrenched as a global distributor of EcoCOOL® for several years and, as a result, intimately involved in building the EcoCOOL® brand, our team is deeply knowledgeable on all things EcoCOOL®, including the science surrounding this groundbreaking technology, the list of applications and benefits to each of our target industry verticals and in all of the exciting ways the company will effectively share this product’s dynamic story with the global marketplace.”

For Distribution and Technical Support Inquiries: Contact the EcoCOOL2 team at info@EcoCOOL2.com.

About EcoCOOL2 : EcoCOOL2 is the manufacturing and production arm for EcoCOOL®. EcoCOOL® is an engineered synthetic formula, designed specifically to improve operational performance andrestore lost efficiency to refrigeration and air conditioning systems. EcoCOOL® delivers significant and measurable fuel/KWh savings and/or valuable processing benefits through reducedcooling times. The product is money back guaranteed to improve HVAC energy efficiency by 10%; average improvement is over 20%. It is installed once and lasts for the life of the system and is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, ‘green’ technology. EcoCOOL® is compatible with most refrigerants and all compressor oils and is sold in 28 countries with thousands of installs since 2003 in all types of HVAC, refrigeration and heat pump systems. For more information, please contact EcoCOOL2 at info@EcoCOOL2.com.

Media Contact
Name Ashely Brown
Division EcoCOOL2 Management
Email Address media@EcoCOOL2.com
Date July 28, 2014