EcoCOOL® And The Hospitality Industry

When you think about the hospitality industry, the first word that comes to mind is comfort. People come to a hotel looking for a delightful time in an exotic location, eager to be exposed to new experiences, but happy to come back to a relaxing environment in premises where the cooling and heating systems are working effectively to accomplish the right atmosphere.

In order to provide this degree of comfort the hospitality industry spends nearly $4 billion per year on energy. Increasing energy costs are a major concern for hotels, particularly as demand for more hotel amenities, such as restaurants, retail shops and conference spaces, has increased electricity and natural gas consumption industry-wide.

Energy efficiency in Hotels & Restaurants

The solution? Energy efficiency. On average the 47,000 hotels around the country spend $2,196 per available room each year just on energy, according to ENERGY STAR. This represents about 6% of all operating costs. Most of these expenses could be cut by adopting easy measures to help the energy systems to work better. Through a strategic approach to energy efficiency, a 10% reduction in energy consumption would have the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate (ADR) by $0.62 in limited-service hotels and by $1.35 in full-service hotels

To be efficient like this provides hotel owners and operators cost savings that benefit the bottom line. EcoCOOL’s EcoCOOL® synthetic catalyst, with a financial payback period of under twelve months and a Return On Investment (ROI) of up to 500%, helps achieve and maintain a high level of system performance and improves heat transfer. It poses no health or safety risks and contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials.

Save Energy costs at Restaurant & Hotels

Many hotels across the US have already installed and tested EcoCOOL® in their systems:

  • Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in Hollywood, California tested a fifteen year old 1.5-ton PTAC and calculated a 24% increase in efficiency
  • The Turnberry Place Condominiums in Las Vegas, Nevada, tested a 3-ton water-cooled Carrier heat pump and showed an over 20% increase in efficiency
  • A 650-ton chiller at The Condesa Hotel in San Antonio, Texas showed a 15% BTU/KWH efficiency increase with a higher outside temperature and greater guest capacity over the testing period
  • A walk-in cooler at The Sunset Hotel in Texas showed a 34% BTU/KWH efficiency increase

The installation of EcoCOOL® extends the life-time of the equipment and lowers its maintenance cost while lowering the energy consumption. EcoCOOL® is a unique, proven solution for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It is an engineered synthetic formula, comprised of two catalysts and an advanced lubricant, designed specifically to remove oil fouling and prevent it from reforming. It is a silent champion for the hospitality industry that will keep it profitable and clean.