The Proven Benefits of EcoCOOL®

EcoCOOL® helps achieve and maintain a high level of system performance.

  • Improves heat transfer (“Q”)
  • Extends compressor system life
  • Reduces friction noise and vibration, less wear
  • Contains no gummy, system-clogging paraffin or olefin waxes
  • Poses no health or safety risks
  • Contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials (chlorine)
  • Contains no environmentally hazardous materials
  • Increases lubricating capability of compressor oils
  • Reduces A/C energy consumption guaranteed 10%, average 15% to 23% and higher
  • No ingredients are on the EPA “List of Lists”
  • Reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere since less electricity is used

Savings Mechanism

The actual savings mechanism is not the reduction of amperes that the compressor’s electric motor uses while running, but the fact that the removal of the oil fouling, the lower refrigerant evaporation temperature, and the lubricity increases make the system 16% (chillers) to 20% (air units) more efficient; causing colder supply air (or faster chiller water cool down) resulting in the equipment running 16% to 20+% less.

When the equipment is not running 16% to 20% of the time, it is not using electricity; and while not running, there are no maintenance labor and parts needs accruing, resulting in a 16% to 20% annual savings in maintenance and parts and labor. Plus the equipment will last 16% to 20% longer, since it is running 16% to 20% less.