EcoCOOL® and Flooded Chiller Systems

EcoCOOL® works with great efficiency in aging flooded and chiller systems. A chiller is a system where water (or glycol, or salt water brine) is cooled instead of air. As opposed to air cooling, water is used as the heat conductor. Water (brine) or Glycol (antifreeze) is circulated, instead of air, to cool a space or object. Water is cooled in a “barrel” with the evaporator refrigeration coils running through it. This cooled or chilled water is pumped to a heat exchanger or “radiator” that is located in the place to be cooled. A fan blows over this radiator with the chilled cold water in it and the air is cooled.

Air Cooled Chiller Efficiency

The system can be more efficient than an air system since water carries more heat per unit volume than air. The chilled water is cooled to 42-48° F. It is then returned from the radiator to the chiller barrel for re-cooling and then returned to the radiator again to cool the space desired. Chillers can have reciprocating, screw or centrifugal compressors. For all chiller applications it is critical to confirm compressor type, refrigerant type and oil separator type to determine the blend and quantity of EcoCOOL® that should be used.

Energy efficiency Measures for Chiller System

The EcoCOOL® synthetic catalyst technology for flooded systems is composed of a synthetic catalyst and a high performance lubricity agent. The catalyst removes the oil‐fouling by defeating the surface tension forces and the lubricity agent improves the compressor oil lubricity. EcoCOOL® is generally not used in flooded systems. However, in older flooded systems the compressor shaft seal may have leaked oil into the refrigeration circuit which then oil‐fouls the refrigeration system. USRT guarantees that EcoCOOL® catalyst will remove the oil‐fouling and that the lubricity compound will benefit the bearings and gears in the compressor. The flooded system MUST show compressor oil intrusion into the refrigerant system by the discovery of compressor oil in the evaporator, condenser or oil traps, etc. Unless compressor oil is found in the refrigerant system, EcoCOOL® will not produce any savings in flooded systems. The EcoCOOL® lubricity agent will be added to the compressor’s oil tank, for lubrication of the compressor bearings and the gears (if any). If there are separate tanks for compressor oil and gear oil, EcoCOOL® lubricity compound will be added to both. On doing so, you will enhance the performance of your flooded system instead of having to replace it all.