ALBURQUERQUE-BICHARA Ramón Alburquerque and Ruben Bichara signed EcoCOOL® agreement.

The HVAC energy efficiency catalyst, EcoCOOL® is represented in the Dominican Republicby Alburquerque Renewable Energy.

Ramón Alburquerque y Rubén Bichara suscriben el acuerdo.

SANTO DOMINGO-The prominent PRD leader Ramón Alburquerque, signed a contract with the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies to promote the use of EcoCOOL® technology to companies throughout the country. EcoCOOL® delivers significant cost savings through restoring lost energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning systems; in addition, EcoCOOL®, is a ‘green’ product that reduces carbon emissions.

According to the agreement, signed by the executive vice president of the CDEEE, Ruben Jimenez Bichara, Ramón Alburquerque, in his capacity as president of the company “Alburquerque Renewable Energy SRL,” when correctly installed by a qualified technician, EcoCOOL® can improve the energy efficiency of HVAC and refrigeration systems by 20% or more. Due to the climate of the Dominican Republic, HVAC and refrigeration are responsible for about 60% of the country’s electricity consumption.

Alburquerque is an expert on energy issues;he believes that before increasing existing infrastructure to generate more energy; the country should focus on maximizing energy efficiencies in the existing infrastructure, through the use of new technologies.

He explained that the EcoCOOL® technology will help reduce operational costs for hotels, restaurants, banks, manufacturing industries, government offices, refrigerated transportation, residences and any environment where refrigeration and air conditioning is used.

Through this agreement, the promises CDEEE promote Edenorte distribution companies , Edesur Edeeste den and facilities to its clients or users decide EcoCOOL® the application of technologies in their particular systems.

According to a note sent to the CDEEE, the EcoCOOL® synthetic catalyst has been tested by respected third party organizations and audited results have shown increases in energy efficiency averaging 23%, in some cases, results have exceeded 35%!

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