EcoCOOL® For Hospitals

There is no surprise that hospital’s main energy cost is lighting, with a frightening 43% of the total cost of the energy consumption, which in the case of hospitals represents a total of $8.8 billion a year. The powerful lamps used in operation theaters and the all-day-round need of well lit waiting rooms, nurse stations, cafeterias, research rooms and more are responsible for the very high spend of electricity that lighting generates. In the health industry, cooling represents 14% of this spent, whilst it takes also a 5% of the natural gas usage. Even though it looks pale in comparison to lightning, still represents a good amount of money that could be saved and took advantage of in a more intelligent way.

Energy Efficiency in Hospitals and Clinics

According to the consultants of Star Energy, most hospitals work hard to manage their energy use through regular scheduled HVAC maintenance and lighting conservation features. However, many still use inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting. In fact, only 40% of hospitals employ the use of highly efficient LED bulbs, which can cut the cost of lighting in half. There are studies that establish the possibility of a 62% of energy savings that could benefit new hospitals through new technologies, such as the use of solar panels, wind energy generators, thermal energy resource, etc. But for the old buildings, those where we are taken care of right now, are far from being environmentally responsible. It is a fact that our health depends on the health of the world around us, and in not committing our efforts to heal the hospitals, we are being held in a vicious circle. Starting by changing the actual lamps for more effective ones would lower dramatically one of the most expensive need of the buildings today.

Saving Energy Costs at Hospitals

In the future, hospitals will be intelligent, well structured and energy saving buildings, where doctors and nurses will have a comfortable and bright work place. But in the mean time, measures have to be taken too.

The use of EcoCOOL® in the health industry is helping to prevent an extra waste of energy that can be controlled by this small act of environmental consciousness. It will extend the life-time of the HVAC equipment and lower its maintenance cost while lowering the energy consumption. EcoCOOL® is a unique, proven solution for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Its engineered synthetic formula, comprised of two catalysts and an advanced lubricant, designed specifically to remove oil fouling and prevent it from reforming.