Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Award, 2012, EcoCOOL®

Did you know EcoCOOL® Technology is a prestigious green innovation award-winner? It absolutely is. In fact, McDonald’s Global Environmental Counsel awarded EcoCOOL2® with an honorable mention in their “Best of Green, 2012″ environmental best-practice innovation competition.
McDonald’s, Business for Social Responsibility, Conservation International and the WWF, voted for solutions based on innovation, environmental and business impacts, scalability and business integration. How EcoCOOL® achieved this: McDonald’s Australia optimized the energy efficiency of its HVAC systems by installing EcoCOOL®.

EcoCOOL2′s customers build better businesses around the world through effective environmental practices.

OPPORTUNITY: As utilities are a major expense for restaurant operations, McDonald’s Australia has been exploring energy efficiency improvement opportunities in its restaurants. HVAC systems represent one of the largest opportunities in this area because they account for approximately
25 percent of a McDonald’s Australia restaurant’s consumption.

SOLUTION: McDonald’s Australia optimized the energy efficiency of its refrigeration equipment and HVAC systems by installing the product EcoCOOL®. EcoCOOL® improves the efficiency of the heat exchanges by removing the naturally occurring oil fouling from the tubing and coil walls.
As a result, cooler air flow is generated from the system. The shortest payback is achieved on equipment more than three years old.

RESULTS: The initial results indicated a 20 percent energy savings on HVAC and refrigeration.