Energy Efficiency In The Construction Industry

In 1999, the construction industry contributed about 35% of the total CO2 emissions, making it one of the most environmentally hazardous industries. The construction of new buildings and the major renovations of old ones were paired as being equally problematic for the environment, with the only difference being that renovations take less time to complete and so represent a less continuous aggression towards the planet.

The international effort that has been put into the battle against CO2 emissions and into the progressive trend towards greener energy use has led to recommendations that are already being followed by contractor companies, making the construction industry greener and greener over time. The most important realization has been that the technology that allows construction to be more environmentally friendly already exists. Making better use of it will result in less damage to our home-planet. EcoCOOL® is one of those recent green technologies that is proud to be doing its bit.

Contractors must take into account the fact that much of the growing demand for green building construction is in developing countries. The reason is simple: they are building more new buildings than in developed countries. In the latter, new construction accounts for only about 1% of buildings, so the focus is on renovating existing buildings to reduce energy consumption. Here is where products like EcoCOOL® help greatly, because they assist existing HVAC systems to perform better and last longer.

Energy efficient construction

In the construction process, builders face numerous tasks when they choose to be responsible towards the environment, one being minimizing the total cost of the building. Engineers and architects must work within a budget while trying to do the best they can to be energy efficient. It is useful to present the clients with an honest budget that clearly specifies the aim of keeping energy consumption low and explains to them how this will save them money in the process and how it will continue to do so in the long run. A way of optimizing energy use is to keep building machinery and office equipment in good operating condition, as well as increasing the effort on reusing and recycling. Starting with these measures and installing energy efficient materials, like triple glazed windows and energy saving HVAC systems will ensure the sustainability of new buildings when they are erected and help to guarantee their future green performance.