Does IceCOLD® have any environmental or special handling/storage requirements?

IceCOLD® is non-toxic and non-hazardous and does not contain solvents or any chlorine, sulfur, or TBN components (chlorine and sulfur result in creation of acids that are undesirable and damaging to refrigeration systems).
IceCOLD® is air shippable, has no special handling requirements beyond those normally used for refrigerant oil, may be stored indefinitely at room temperature out of sunlight, and has no special requirements for disposal.

How does IceCOLD® compare to other products? Is it a PROA?

IceCOLD® is not a PROA (Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive). Its chemical composition and action are fundamentally different.

How does IceCOLD® work?

In virtually all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, .5% – 8% of the compressor lubricating oil circulates with the refrigerant. This oil attaches to the inner walls of the refrigeration tubing and inhibits heat exchange. Intrusive oil films are deposited throughout the system and it is these oil deposits that ultimately inhibit heat transfer and reduce system efficiency.

How is IceCOLD® applied?

IceCOLD® is installed through the low pressure service port while the equipment is running and other than inspection of the filters/coils for proper operation, no service disruptions are necessary. IceCOLD® must be installed by a qualified HVAC service technician who has EPA-608 (or 609 for automotive applications) refrigerant certification.


Removes oil fouling:

  • Significantly improves heat transfer in the evaporator and condensing coils
  • Causes refrigerant to evaporate at a lower temperature
  • Produces colder air faster
  • Delivers colder air through vents
  • Generates 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil
  • Allows compressors parts to run with less friction
  • Extends the life of the compressor, delaying maintenance

In what types of equipment can IceCOLD® be installed?

IceCOLD® may be installed with most refrigerants and equipment. The refrigerant exceptions are R-11 and R-123A. We also do not install. IceCOLD® in equipment with coalescing oil separators or oil-free refrigeration circuits such as magnetic bearing or centrifugal chillers.

What are some of the benefits of IceCOLD® technology?

  • Reduces A/C costs
  • Delivers colder vent air faster
  • Will help to reduce equipment repair cost
  • Has been shown to reduce compressor noise
  • Extends equipment life
  • Lasts for the lifetime of the cooling system
  • The most cost-effective way to enhance system SEER performance

What is IceCOLD® ?

IceCOLD® is a two part catalyst, plus a lubricity agent, that is added to a cooling system’s refrigerant circuit to improve the efficiency of the system by removing oil fouling in the coils, lowering apparent evaporator temperatures and increasing the lubricity of the refrigerant oil.

What is the lifespan of IceCOLD® application?

IceCOLD® is a one-time application for the life of the compressor. There is no problem with a refrigerant leak. However, if the seal on the coils is compromised, a second application of IceCOLD® will be required.

What is the typical payback for an IceCOLD® customer?

Typical system installations with an IceCOLD® application yield paybacks within twelve cooling months. Your specific payback is contingent upon a variety of factors including; system type, system refrigerant, climate zone, and initial system condition. ROI’s are typically in excess of 500%.

Where is IceCOLD® manufactured?

All IceCOLD® technology is manufactured in the Dallas, Texas, area. The manufacturing plant is ISO-9001 compliant. It has experienced consultants and complies with OSHA and EPA risk management programs.

Will the installation of IceCOLD® void my warranty?

No. The Magnuson-Moss Act 15USC ss230 enabled regulation of written consumer product warranties.

 Click to download the US Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss Act as a PDF