Energy efficiency in Transportation

Fig.1 Refrigerated Trailer nits (RTU)

Refrigerated Trailer Units are attached to trailers or vans to transport perishable products. Their compressor is powered by small diesel-powered engines and they use R134a refrigerant. We install 8 units in a 2.5 ton RTU, 12 units in a 5 ton RTU, and 16 units in rail car RTUs.

Energy efficiency in Transportation

The increased efficiency results from installing EcoCOOL® in refrigerated trailers may have the largest beneficial financial and environmental impact of any industry. Due to the cost of diesel fuel and the amount of carbon emission released from burning diesel fuel, the installation of EcoCOOL® can immediately create an environmentally friendly marketing platform as well as reduce operational costs.

The typical results from installing EcoCOOL® show a 20% to 30% reduction in diesel fuel consumption. The average payback is 6 months or less, depending on the amount the equipment is used. EcoCOOL® is only installed one time and lasts for the life of the equipment. A reefer unit in operation for only 5 years after installing EcoCOOL® could expect to achieve a 1000% ROI.

Save energy costs in Transportation

Scenario 1: 24 hr run time

A 5 ton refer unit requires 12 ounces of EcoCOOL®. Cost for 12 ounces of EcoCOOL® = $1548.00. Assuming that a refer unit will consume at best .8 gallons of diesel fuel per hour, 19.2 gallons per 24 hours will be consumed. A 20% reduction would equal 3.84 gallon less per 24 hours or 19.2 gallons a week (5 days). At $3.80 per gallon, this would equal a total of $72.96 a week and $3793.92 a year per trailer. The payback is less than 6 months. A 100 trailer fleet could expect a one year savings of $379,392.00 on diesel fuel for a one time investment of $155,800 including installation. We know that 22.2 pounds of CO2 are created by burning 1 gallon of diesel fuel. By reducing consumption of 99,840 gallons of fuel, a company could lower carbon emissions by more than 2.2 million pounds a year.

Scenario 2: 8 hour run time

A refer unit that runs 8 hours a day will consume 6.4 gallons of diesel fuel. A 20% reduction would equal 1.28 gallons a day or 6.4 gallons per week for a total of 332.8 gallons a year per trailer. A 100 trailer fleet lowering consumption by 33,280 gallons of diesel fuel at a cost of $3.80 per gallon would save $126,464.00 every year for a one time investment of $155,800.00. This would achieve a 13 month payback and lower carbon emissions by 738,000 pounds every year.