EcoCOOL® For Schools

Did you know that the second bigger expense of schools, just behind salaries, is energy? On the one hand, the costs of the facilities use are extremely high due to the waste of energy that prevails in many of the buildings. On the other, the transport cost of buses using non-environmentally friendly fuels is not only too expensive, but if leaves a very large carbon footprint. In total, school districts in the US are spending around $8 billion in energy every year.

Public schools host 5 million children during the day time. They are connected to computers, have their classrooms lit to ensure the proper environment and have dinner services every week-day. They perform all their learning activities in buildings that are, in average, 40 years old and weren’t planned to be energy efficient.

Saving Energy at School by the use of EcoCOOL®

ooling and lighting are the two most expensive usages of energy detected in schools, each of them consuming 26% of the total energy. Altogether, space heating, cooling, and lighting account for nearly 70 percent of school energy use. Office equipment comes third, with 20% which constitutes one of the top three electricity end uses.

It is well known that public schools are always looking for strategies to keep their expenses in the budget limits. Money could be invested in better learning devices, higher teacher’s salaries and better play-grounds for children if only the school managers kept the energy usage more efficient. There are some actions that need no investment or further action, like turning the computers off during night time and weekends, closing classroom doors to prevent heat and cool air to be wasted, and turning lights off in rooms not being used. This type of measures cost nothing and could represent up to 10% of savings in electricity and natural gas bills.

Energy Efficiency for Schools

The cooling systems in the school buildings could be benefited by the use of EcoCOOL’s EcoCOOL® synthetic catalyst, which has a return of invested (ROI) of up to 500%. It helps to achieve and maintain a high level of system performance and improves heat transfer. In schools, where children safety must be a high priority, the use of EcoCOOL® is guarantee because it poses no health or safety risks and contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials.

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In the case of transforming schools into energy efficient institutions the economical aspect is just one of the most important. To set an example for children and their parents is the other part of the equation, because it will send a clear message: we are committed to transform our environment and to teach our children that small, not expensive measures can be as efficient as big initiatives are.