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Ainsworth Announces National Distribution Agreement with EcoCOOL World

Ainsworth, Inc., has announced today that it will be partnering with Tampa Bay based EcoCOOL World, LLC., (ECW) in order to make the green, energy efficiency refrigerant catalyst EcoCOOL® accessible to its client base. EcoCOOL® will be the newest solutions offering from Ainsworth. The company immediately recognized the ability of this unique and proven product […]

Why 98% of Companies Do Not Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Only 2 percent of companies achieve or exceed their corporate sustainability goals, compared to 12 percent of other corporate transformation programs, according to a Bain & Company report. Achieving Breakthrough Results in Sustainability details the results of a survey of more than 300 companies engaged in sustainability initiatives and interviews with the heads of sustainability […]

Transportation, Air Pollution, and Climate Change

Accomplishments & Successes View successes from the Clean Air Act, strategies for the future, and a timeline of accomplishments. History of reducing air pollution from transportation Overview Learn about pollutants from vehicles and engines that cause harmful health effects and climate change. Overview of air pollution from transportation Carbon Pollution Learn about transportation and climate […]

2017 is looking like a good year for energy efficiency as investments grow

As the new year begins, we expect 2017 will bring increased investments in energy efficiency and other efforts to save energy. The energy efficiency investment picture indicates that savings will continue to grow. Spending on energy-efficient goods and services as well as employment in energy efficiency jobs has increased in recent years, and these trends […]

How data center affects building management

Businesses today are either wholly dependent on their IT systems or IT is actually their business. That means downtime will cripple operations and conceivably cause irreparable damage — lost revenue and reputation, and everything in between. Continuous access is a must, and so the presence of a data center or IT room significantly changes the […]

Why It Pays to Invest in Green Offices

Green workplaces don’t necessarily require a massive financial investment. Employers, building owners and developers can take simple steps like improving air quality and increasing natural lighting. Not only do these provide environmental benefits such as reduced emissions and energy use, but they can also bnefit the bottom line by improving employee productivity and reducing absenteeism, […]

SCOP vs EER- Understanding the proper energy efficient metric for CRACs

There has been much confusion in the engineering community as to which is the proper energy efficiency metric for computer room air conditioners (CRACs). EER, SEER, COP, IPLV are still frequent topics of discussion even though SCOP is the only recognized efficiency metric for data center equipment, as detailed below. It’s not hard to understand […]

There’s a new data center cooling assessment metric in town

Future Facilities is a premier provider of engineering simulation software for global data center design and operational planning. The company’s just released its assessment service for The Green Grid’s newly released Performance Indicator (PI). Since its formulation in 2006, Future Facilities says Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has been the gold standard for the measurement of data center energy efficiency. […]