Monthly Archives: October 2016

SCOP vs EER- Understanding the proper energy efficient metric for CRACs

There has been much confusion in the engineering community as to which is the proper energy efficiency metric for computer room air conditioners (CRACs). EER, SEER, COP, IPLV are still frequent topics of discussion even though SCOP is the only recognized efficiency metric for data center equipment, as detailed below. It’s not hard to understand […]

There’s a new data center cooling assessment metric in town

Future Facilities is a premier provider of engineering simulation software for global data center design and operational planning. The company’s just released its assessment service for The Green Grid’s newly released Performance Indicator (PI). Since its formulation in 2006, Future Facilities says Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has been the gold standard for the measurement of data center energy efficiency. […]

Which Cities Have the Most Green Office Buildings?

San Francisco has the most green office buildings in the US, with 73.7 percent of its office space holding either an EPA Energy Star label, US Green Building Council LEED certification, or both. After placing second on the Green Building Adoption Index study by CBRE Group and Maastricht University for the past two years, the […]