Appoints Four New Company Officers

EcoCOOL2 is the Global Management, Sales and Marketing Company for the Production and Distribution of EcoCOOL® Product

TAMPA, FL.EcoCOOL2 announced today the appointment of two new company officers. EcoCOOL2’s officers lead a rapidly expanding global business, built on a unique cost-effective, energy efficiency solution, focused on markets that have a high dependency on cooling and refrigeration. Market applications include retail, wholesale, services, processing and transportation. EcoCOOL2 executives will implement strategies that establish market leadership positions in key regions, worldwide.

Peter J.M. Lewis, 68, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of EcoCOOL2. Lewis joined former EcoCOOL® Distributor, EcoCOOL2, LLC, as CEO in 2012 following a successful broadcasting career in the United Kingdom and after holding senior management roles with Integrated Strategies Group (UK and US), Hewitt Associates and JP Morgan Chase.

Rakesh Desai, 42, is EcoCOOL2’s President. Rakesh offers an extensive background in innovative digital marketing, telecom, technology and business development. Over nearly two decades in the Internet and Telecom industries, Rakesh co-founded 6DegreesIT in 2006 and Search Results in 2007. He has served as Sr. Franchise Director and Sr. Marketing Manager in Internet and digital marketing solutions for enterprises worldwide with WSI and Reliance Infocomm (a division of Reliance Industries Ltd).

He holds degrees in business administration and marketing and brings a combination of innovation, experience and structured leadership to EcoCOOL2 to help dominate markets through high-impact, innovative digital marketing and technology platforms.

Thomas L. Hinson, Jr., 68, has been named Chief Financial Officer of EcoCOOL2 Hinson joined EcoCOOL2 at its inception in June, 2014. Mr. Hinson has provided high-level accounting, audit, tax and business expertise for over 40 years. Previously a Principal within Arthur Young, Mr. Hinson opened his own firm in 1981.

Bhavesh Patel, 40, will serve as EcoCOOL2’s Chairman of the Board. He has lead business travel sales for Omni Hotels and Fortune 500 companies. Born in Zambia and raised in India, he obtained a bachelors degree in marketing from Maharaja Sayajirao University, in India, and also a bachelors in finance with from the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas. Bhavesh will head up the expansion of EcoCOOL2’s distribution network, domestically and internationally.

EcoCOOL® is an engineered synthetic formula, designed specifically to improve operational performance and restore lost efficiency to refrigeration and air conditioning systems. EcoCOOL® delivers significant and measurable fuel/KWh savings and/or valuable processing benefits through reduced cooling times. The product is money back guaranteed to improve HVAC energy efficiency by at least 10%; the average improvement is over 20%. The product is installed once and lasts for the life of the system and is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, ‘green’ technology. EcoCOOL® is compatible with most refrigerants, and all compressor oils. Since 2003, EcoCOOL® has consistently demonstrated cost-effective energy efficiency improvements, delivered through thousands of successful installations in HVAC, refrigeration and heat pump systems. Today, EcoCOOL® is sold in 28 countries.

EcoCOOL2, LLC, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary,EcoCOOL2, are the dedicated management and marketing organizations responsible for the oversight, sales, distribution and brand marketing of EcoCOOL®,worldwide.

EcoCOOL2 began operating on July 7th, 2014. The Executive Management Team,is supported by dedicated Project Teams that will oversee sales, marketing, training, compliance and product installations.

EcoCOOL2 CEO, Peter Lewis says, “We are truly excited about being entrusted with the accountability for introducing the unique EcoCOOL® product to a broader global market. We will continue to work closely with the inventor of the product, David Pickett; he is an invaluable source of knowledge and we are very conscious of our responsibilities to him, as we take over the guardianship of EcoCOOL®. Previously, we operated as a Distributor of EcoCOOL®,which provided the perfect platform to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the science, engineering, systems applications and benefits that relate to every industry, which depends on efficient, cost-effective cooling and refrigeration. The launch of the EcoCOOL2 initiative comes at a time when there is a greater focus than ever before, on improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.“

About EcoCOOL2 and EcoCOOL2 Management: EcoCOOL2 is responsible for the overall management and distribution of EcoCOOL®. EcoCOOL2 Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of EcoCOOL2, responsible for providing service and support to the EcoCOOL® Distributor network, including training, order processing, compliance and brand management. For more information, please visit or call (800)EcoCOOL(326-2665).

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