5 Tips for LEED Project Management

Green building certification leads to business benefits such as reduced operating costs and increased building value for owners, developers and facility managers — and this is likely why green building is outpacing overall construction growth in the US.

But green building certification such as LEED can be a difficult road to navigate.

To help building owners and developers achieve LEED certification, the US Green Building Council has published five tips for successful management of the LEED-certification process.

These include planning for success, closely monitoring LEED progress, communicating effectively with the project team, knowing LEED credits and working smarter, not harder.

It also offers a tool that can help on all five points: the IES TaP, a secure online collaborative portal to improve LEED workflow management. The tool, which includes a visual dashboard, allows the user to simulate/test multiple scenarios, such as what is required for LEED Silver versus LEED Gold. It also allows users to see all of their projects and monitor their progress toward certification in real time.

The USGBC blog, posted on Proud Green Buildings, follows a USGBC report that finds manufacturing facilities are increasing seeking LEED certification.

Source: Environmentalleader