Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

Introduction Energy consumption in hospitals is witnessed in bulk as they are the centers that operate continuously without fail. Hospitals consume energy in various ways to provide different services. With such large energy consumption background, they are the centers possessing great potential for energy savings. An estimate is made that countries like Germany and Netherlands […]

Key Findings: How Facilities Managers are Prioritizing Energy & Sustainability Initiatives

Facilities Managers are more focused than ever on sustainable resource management. As energy costs fluctuate and executive-level pressures to conserve and save mount, Facilities managers are stepping up to the challenges with an increased level of commitment and expertise. The recent report, Facility Managers: Putting Energy & Sustainability Practices to Work, derived from Ecova’s 2016 […]

Just When You Thought You’d Cut Every Operating Cost…Guess What?

Successful companies commit significant resources to the relentless task of staying competitive, streamlined and innovative. Unfortunately, the ‘most advanced’ production technologies are not always the most economical. To mitigate the risk of being caught in a spiral of escalating and unproductive expense, consider the following ways to manage organizational cost. Identify Processes That Don’t Process! […]

Successful businesses and organizations prioritize efficiency, and increasingly, efficiency translates to the effective management of energy.

“Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” Jawaharlal Nehru Successful businesses and organizations prioritize efficiency, and increasingly, efficiency translates to the effective management of energy. Improving energy efficiency can cut operating costs, deliver faster processing times, lower pricing tariffs and turn you green, which in […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

There are some very smart and easy ways to Reduce Energy Consumption. The solutions presented below are suitable for both homes and businesses; with good planning and commitment, you can make your electricity bill look a lot more attractive… Tips for Homeowners Forget about ‘standby’ mode: It may be convenient but, over time, it impacts […]

Types Of Green Technologies

Throughout the world, there is a growing movement to utilize everyday technologies that can help ordinary people protect the world’s environment, while helping them save money. It is a fact that the loss of resources has a double impact on our lives; the damage that waste causes in our world and the economic drain it […]

Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Award, 2012, EcoCOOL®

Did you know EcoCOOL® Technology is a prestigious green innovation award-winner? It absolutely is. In fact, McDonald’s Global Environmental Counsel awarded EcoCOOL2® with an honorable mention in their “Best of Green, 2012″ environmental best-practice innovation competition. McDonald’s, Business for Social Responsibility, Conservation International and the WWF, voted for solutions based on innovation, environmental and business […]

EcoCOOL® is being installed in 40 countries.

An estimated 40% of the world’s electricity is used for air conditioning and refrigeration. Reducing this number by 10% to 20% would be of great significance. If the world’s billion air conditioners and refrigeration units were treated with EcoCOOL® technology; the global CO2 emissions would be 6% to 12% lower. There is no other technology […]

7 Strategies to Optimize Data Center Cooling

Adopt these cooling technologies and techniques to boost energy efficiency in the data center. For many IT managers, cooling the data center’s IT equipment poses a formidable challenge. Common problems include providing too little or too much air, excessively dry or moist air, air that is too cool or too warm, or air conditions that […]