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Global Refrigerated Warehouse Capacity Grows Amid Emerging Market Gains

Big-box refrigerated warehouses are popping up in ever more remote corners of the world. Global refrigerated warehouse capacity grew to 600 million cubic meters this year, according to the latest survey by the Global Cold Chain Alliance, an industry group representing temperature-controlled logistics companies. Much of the development occurred in emerging markets such as China, […]

EcoCOOL® Announces Its Foray Into India With The Latest Synthetic Refrigerant Technology

Since inception there is not a single equipment failure due to EcoCOOL® EcoCOOL® has been specifically engineered to address the problem of Oil Fouling. EcoCOOL® has been installed in over 40k systems worldwide in over 28 countries since 2001. EcoCOOL® is also considered as a high-performance lubricant and provides a high viscosity index and hydrolytic […]

EcoCOOL Sponsors 2016 BOMA Toronto Golf Classic

About BOMA Toronto: Over 600 of Toronto’s most influential Property and Facility Managers, Developers, Leasing Agents, Service Providers, Industry Influencers and Commercial Real Estate Professionals in its membership roster, representing 80 per cent of all commercial and industrial real estate companies in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Full details about the event can be […]

Just When You Thought You’d Cut Every Operating Cost…Guess What?

Successful companies commit significant resources to the relentless task of staying competitive, streamlined and innovative. Unfortunately, the ‘most advanced’ production technologies are not always the most economical. To mitigate the risk of being caught in a spiral of escalating and unproductive expense, consider the following ways to manage organizational cost. Identify Processes That Don’t Process! […]

Successful businesses and organizations prioritize efficiency, and increasingly, efficiency translates to the effective management of energy.

“Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” Jawaharlal Nehru Successful businesses and organizations prioritize efficiency, and increasingly, efficiency translates to the effective management of energy. Improving energy efficiency can cut operating costs, deliver faster processing times, lower pricing tariffs and turn you green, which in […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

There are some very smart and easy ways to Reduce Energy Consumption. The solutions presented below are suitable for both homes and businesses; with good planning and commitment, you can make your electricity bill look a lot more attractive… Tips for Homeowners Forget about ‘standby’ mode: It may be convenient but, over time, it impacts […]

Types Of Green Technologies

Throughout the world, there is a growing movement to utilize everyday technologies that can help ordinary people protect the world’s environment, while helping them save money. It is a fact that the loss of resources has a double impact on our lives; the damage that waste causes in our world and the economic drain it […]

ALBURQUERQUE-BICHARA Ramón Alburquerque and Ruben Bichara signed EcoCOOL® agreement.

The HVAC energy efficiency catalyst, EcoCOOL® is represented in the Dominican Republicby Alburquerque Renewable Energy. Ramón Alburquerque y Rubén Bichara suscriben el acuerdo. SANTO DOMINGO-The prominent PRD leader Ramón Alburquerque, signed a contract with the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies to promote the use of EcoCOOL® technology to companies throughout the country. EcoCOOL® delivers […]