COLDMAX EMC Announces National Distribution Agreement with EcoCOOL World

Burlington, ON, February 27, 2017- COLDMAX EMC, Inc., has announced today that it will be partnering with Tampa Bay based EcoCOOL World, LLC., (ECW) in order to make the green, energy efficiency refrigerant catalyst IceCOLD® accessible to its client base.

IceCOLD® will be the newest solutions offering from the COLDMAX Group of Companies. The company immediately recognized the ability of this unique and proven product to restore and maintain efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning systems by reducing kWh consumption and equipment runtime. “Effective immediately, the product will be introduced across all COLDMAX EMC business sectors, where there is a dependency on cost-efficient cooling. IceCOLD® is an innovative and affordable solution for cutting energy usage, carbon emissions and operating costs” said Bob Bryant, COLDMAX EMC Chief Operating Officer. “IceCOLD® will play a key role in helping commercial and residential users offset increasing cooling costs.”